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In my various trawls around the Internet, I have found that there is a great fascination with singers like Britney Spears. Undoubtedly an attractive person, but, in order to find the truly gorgeous face of modern pop, you need look no further than Ireland and Keavy and Edele Lynch, half of the pop group B*Witched.

Every once in a very long while, someone comes onto the pop scene who makes you stop and listen the first time you hear them sing. There is a certain 'edge' to their voice that just cuts through the current bland offerings and makes you want to play the songs over and over again. That person is lead singer Edele (and since they are twins, Keavy as well)

Sadly, true greatness often goes unrecognised and there are very few sites dedicated to either Keavy or Edele, let alone both of them. Well, not any more ! This is the first site (that I know of) dedicated to both of them. It's growing all the time and currently has a distinct Keavy-bias (guess which one I fancy), which I will try and address.

To get more info on B*Witched as a group, or personal info on any of the girls, stop by the Official B*Witched site or visit the vast B*Witched.net site (it's a little slow to load, but it is huge !).

Now come on in and bask in the delight that is Keavy and Edele Lynch - you know you want to !

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B*Witched - the end has come !

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both6.gif B*Witched - Ireland's sexiest female act !!

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